Alteration (お直し)


We professionally work on all kinds of alterations for men’s and women’s clothing.
We can make your clothing beautifully fit and more comfortable.
Please feel free to have requests and any questions about your clothes.

Adjust the size for a perfect fit.
A person looks really beautiful when the clothes fit their body.
We alter high-end women’s clothing and pre-made suits to fit your body and taste.

Leave it to us to make the most sophisticated repairs.
A tailor’s hand is the most suited to handmade items.
Dealing with alterations that other stores may deem to be difficult, we execute with precision.

Redesigning your old clothes into modern style.
We will restyle one of your old clothes by giving it a more contemporary appearance.
Of course, we can also keep the original design intact at your request.

Price list

Jacket/Overcoat alteration

Shorten / Lengthen sleeves €35〜 from 1 week
Shorten sleeves from shoulder €132〜 from 2 weeks
Alter waistlines €110〜 from 1 week
Narrow shoulders €132〜 from 2 weeks
Shorten / Lengthen Jacket €110〜 from 1 week


Examples of alterations

Several alterations like :
①Narrowing shoulders+②Shortening sleeves+③Jacket Relining+④Shortening the length
It costs around €387 (includes several fittings and adjustments free of charge)

Trouser Alteration

Shorten/lengthen Trouser(with a plain hem) €20〜 from 1 week
Shorten/lengthen Trouser (with a turn-up) €40〜 from 1 week
Taper Trouser €40〜 from 1 week
Adjust the waist size €40〜 from 1 week
Adjust the hip line €40〜 from 1 week


Improving wrinkles and comfort

Wrinkles at the back of the neck
(Less than 0.7mm)


from 2 weeks
Wrinkles(horizontal) at the back of the neck
(More than 0.7mm)


from 2 weeks
Wrinkles caused by bending the upper body backwards €275〜 from 2 weeks
Wrinkles caused by a hunched body shape €275〜 from 2 weeks
Wrinkles caused by sloping shoulders €165〜 from 2 weeks
Wrinkles caused by square shoulder €165〜 from 2 weeks



  • If the alteration is complex, we might ask you to do several fittings and adjustments. It might cost additional (appx.€40).
  • Depending on the complexity and construction of your garment, charges may vary.
  • During the busy season (September to January), it might take an additional 1-2 weeks.
  • Visit us so we can provide a more accurate quote.